Church Road, Gilwern, Monmouthshire NP7 0EW


All the core “reception” rooms of the house; dining room, drawing room and card room are fully available to our guests. When you are here we do not use them ourselves, so we are not in your space! They provide an abundance of peace and quiet in which to unwind perhaps after a day exploring some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere

The Dining Room.

This is where we serve breakfast and further through the day is where a large choice of teas & coffees is always available. There is always fresh milk (semi skimmed) in the fridge.

The Drawing Room.

A large, quite grand but very comfortable & cosy room with a crackling fire. Perfect to curl up in with the papers or a book …or for a nightcap after you return from dinner. 

The Card Room.

As it says on the tin! It is where, as a family, we play cards & board games etc etc. It comes into its own at Christmas for us. Use it at your will.
Heaven forfend that you need to work when you are with us, however if you do have to check in for a Zoom or whatever, this can be the perfect, private place to set up shop.

The Gardens

The house sits in its own grounds of about 6 acres comprising formal gardens, a working kitchen & fruit garden and parkland. They are, of course, fully open to you to wander around and generally relax in.


The main, classically Georgian, part of the house was built in c1820 by local
Ironmaster John Jayne. The 3 bedrooms & the rooms described above are all in this side of the house. It was then significantly added to in c1850 – presumably to provide living space for staff & it is in this area that we are now based so that we do get in your way!

Enjoying a very rich political and cultural history through its various owners in the 20th century, the house has been fully preserved over time and showcases classic period architecture with its original features fully intact.

We have Mr.Jayne to thank too for siting Pantybeiliau where he did; the views from the house are spectacular with Sugar Loaf mountain dominant. The trees in the grounds that he planted all those years ago are now huge and majestic as well as ancient and are a real feature.